Tantalum is a chemical element with the symbol Ta and the order number 73. The gray glossy nontoxic heavy metal, which resembles niobium, is highly resistant to acids, with a melting point of 2,996 ° C. The pure metal is easily stretchable and can be rolled into wires and sheets.

Tantalum is never found in nature in pure form, but only in mixed minerals containing this raw material together with niobium ores. Large deposits of these ores are found in Australia, Brazil, Central Africa and Canada. The annual production volume is 1000 tonnes.

Application areas - tantalum

  • important raw material for the electronics industry and for superalloys
  • as material for instruments, dental drills, bone nails, joint implants in surgery
  • other fields of application: in chemistry, in high-temperature furnace construction, in aircraft and rocket construction, in nuclear technology, in evaporation plants
Metalle: Tantal Ausstanzungen
Metalle: Tantal Platten
Tantal Ausstanzungen
Tantal Platten
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RS-Recycling is the purchaser and supplier of scrap, chips, streamer and powder of tantalum in the following versions:

  • CP
  • raff
  • bars
  • anodes