The chemical element Zirconium has the symbol Zr with the order number 40. The silvery shining heavy metal is very corrosion-resistant and can be rolled and formed in pure form. Externally, it resembles steel. But even small impurities of the metal by hydrogen, carbon or nitrogen cause it to become brittle and difficult to process.

The raw material source for zirconium is the mineral zircon, which is known as a gemstone in ancient times. Large ore deposits are available in Australia, USA, South Africa and Brazil.


  • in nuclear power plants for shells of uranium fuel elements
  • in chemical industry for valves, stirrers, pumps etc.
  • for instruments in medical technology
  • as additive for the production of steel
Metalle: Zirconium Stangen
Metalle: Zirconium Einzelteile
Zirconium Stangen
Zirconium Einzelteile
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  • crystal rods
  • alloys
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