Niobium (Nb), named after a greek mythology figure Niobe, is a gray-shining heavy metal. It is resistant to high acids and has properties similar to tantalum. The melting point is at 2.447°C. It is characterized by high heat resistance. Niobium and tantalum are together as ore and have to be separated by an industrial process. This is possible because both metals have a different solubility.

The largest producer of this metal is Brazil with a share of up to 90% of world production. Over 80% of the worldwide niobium production is used as an alloying additive for steel and superalloys.

Application areas

  • alloying component for stainless steels in automotive engineering, bridges, high voltage masts and pipes
  • alloying element for aircraft and rocket engines
  • alloying component with tungsten for the production of thermometers in high temperature range
  • alloying element with titanium for the production of permanent magnets or large magnets in particle accelerators
Ferro-Niob - Metalle
Ferro-Niob - Metalle

RS-Recycling is purchaser and supplier of scrap, chips, streamer, powder and niobium residues in the following versions:

  • CP
  • bars
  • alloys