Rhenium (Re), a silvery gray metal that is characterized by high hardness and density, is one of the rarest chemical elements. It can only be re-rolled at red-hot spots and has one of the highest melting and boiling temperatures after tungsten.

This metal is obtained mainly from molybdenum ores, especially molybdenum. If these ores are roasted in the course of the molybdenum recovery, rhenium accumulates as a volatile oxide in the airborne dust.

Areas of application

  • for the production of thermocouples, heating filaments and filaments in lamps and x-ray tubes
  • as an alloying element in rocket and space technology
  • as an alloying element in turbine construction
  • for the manufacture of high-quality mirrors which are of great chemical resistance and high reflectivity
Metalle: Rhenium
Metalle: Rhenium

RS-Recycling is purchaser and supplier of scrap, shavings and stems in the following versions:

  • CP Rhenium
  • APT Rhenium
  • Rhenium-alloyed scrap