Cobalt, derived from the Latin word cobaltum (goblin), is a chemical element with the symbol Co and the order number 27. The steel-gray, very tough heavy metal has a high density and is heat- and current-conducting. Its melting point is 1,495 ° C.

This metal is obtained mainly from copper and nickel ores. The composition of the starting compound is decisive for the exact mode of extraction. The world production is around 57,500 tonnes.

The biggest producers are mainly the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Australia, Canada, Russia and Cuba.

Fields of application

  • as an alloying component to increase the wear and tear strength of alloyed and highly alloyed steels and superalloys
  • as a binder phase in hard metal sintered materials and diamond tools
  • as oxide, sulfate, hydroxide or carbonate in heat-resistant paints and pigments (glass, ceramic and porcelain painting)
  • as hydroxide or lithium-cobalt oxide in batteries
  • as an acetate in dryers for paints and varnishes
  • as a radioactive isotope 60 Co as a gamma emitter for cancer therapies ("cobalt cannons")
Metalle: Kobalt
Metalle: Kobalt

RS-Recycling is purchaser and supplier of scrap, chips, streamer, powder and residues of cobalt in the following versions:

  • cathodes
  • bars
  • alloys