Pure vanadium is a tough, silvery, non-magnetic transition metal that can also be formed in cold conditions. However, an already small contamination by other elements increases the hardness and thus also reduces the ductility of vanadium. In addition, it is very corrosion resistant. Vanadium is only bound in nature.

Important minerals are:

  • Patronit
  • Vanadinit
  • Carnotit
  • Descloizit

Suppliers for the production of this metal are mainly China, Russia, South Africa and Brazil. This metal is used up to 80% in the form of ferrovanadium. It is therefore a very important alloying metal in tool and structural steels.

Ferro-Vanadium - Metalle
Metalle: Vanadium
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Further fields of application are:

  • Special alloy steels for chirugic instruments and tools
  • Steels for shafts, crankshafts and gears
  • forms carbide in the production of steel
  • films of this metall are used as buffer layers for plating titanium on steel

RS-Recycling is purchaser and supplier of scrap, shavings, streamer, powder and residues in the following versions:

  • Vanadium bars 99,5% ● 99,8%
  • Vanadium alloys