Chrome is derived from the Greek word "chroma", which means "color". This metal is a chemical element with the symbol Cr and the order number 24. The silver-white, corrosion-resistant and hard-to-break metal is tough, moldable and forged in its original state and has its melting point at 1857°C. It is mainly degraded as chromite.

The main occurrence is in South Africa (about 50% of world demand), Kazakhstan, India, Zimbabwe and Finland. In the year 2000 about 15 million tons of chromite ore were extracted, from which about 4 million tons of ferrochromium could be obtained.

Application areas

  • Hard chromium plating (application of wear-resistant coating on steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum)
  • Decor chromium plating (rims for cars)
  • as an alloying element in corrosion- and heat-resistant stainless steel, non-ferrous alloys and tool steels
  • Chrome tanning (the most important method for the production of leather)
Metalle: Chrom Platten
Metalle: Chrom Stücke
Chrom Platten
Chrom Stücke
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RS-Recycling is purchaser and supplier of scrap, shavings, streamer, powder and residues in the following versions:

  • Aluminothermic chrome
  • Chrome-Targets